Demo Reel + Poster – My last blog post as a student

3D Animation and Generalist Reel . June 2013

for frame 4 jpeg

Poster for the show. 70x102cm.

This isn’t the last demo reel I will be doing as I still want to add and improve on quite a lot of things. But since we have to get one done by Friday, this is more or less my graduate reel. Also, this will be my last post as a student. The next one will be as an unemployed graduate =S Sigh….

Looking back I have learned a lot of the 3D pipeline. This is the first showreel I did back in March 2012 Youtube Link. All my animations were so poor back then, gosh I always cringe when I watch it.

Anyway, its been a fun ride.

Reloop Short Film + Generalist Reel + Self Assessment

reloop henrik posterreloop guy poster









Reloop – Animated Short Film

Password is the film’s title


Generalist Demo Reel June 2013


Self Assessment

Just read that we have to do a self assessment in our blogs so here we go.

Hmmm well I’ve updated my blog really often since 1st year. So there’s nothing really to talk about since almost everything has been stated here throughout these 18 months. Guess I’ll try to summarize what I did and some details that I might have missed out.

Planning / Scheduling – I guess I could have been more hardworking. But one thing I felt that i have done throughout this project was consistency. I came to uni every day from 10am to 5pm. Minus the breaks and lunch and watching youtube; I usually got about 4-5 hours of work done before I went home. In terms of scheduling, I always put 4 days in a month for contingency plans. So I’ve always been ahead of the schedule I made.

Animation – One of the hardest things for me was to balance my final film and showreel; as stated in an april blog post this year. Looking back now though, it was really helpful for me to do other animations for my reel. This is because it did help to improve my animation techniques tremendously; which ultimately sped things up for my final film. Although I’m not satisfied with my level of animation yet, I’m very happy with the improvements I’ve made this year.

Modelling, Rigging, Texturing – Hmmm most of these technical aspects were taught to me by Darryl for the RSC project last year. There’s a blog post in June 2012 that stated my research and progress.

Lighting – I managed to use a lot of after effects to create really nice lighting for my film. I feel that this is the area where I vastly improved on. Spending more time on compositing has definitely elevated the lighting in my final film; and it’s undoubtedly the proudest thing I have for Reloop.

Research – There was a lot of research done for the story. I watched loads of movies regarding the financial crisis, read loads of articles on the global economy; and also had conversations with my friends from the financial industry. It helped a lot that I was always interested in this subject. So the bulk of research was done way back in February 2012 when I did the character / creature design assignment.

I also went deeper into researching Maya techniques this time around. One example was the heat map system for skinning characters; probably posted bout it sometime in January. Another example was to create a camera system that dealt with high number of shots. I actually used a way and technique that no one in the industry uses, which was to have 1 camera in 1 scene for multiple shot angles. It is the wrong way and definitely not recommended; but I really believe it was the right decision due to the time constraints.

Feedback – One of the things I really tried to push myself for this year was to get as much feedback as possible from everyone. Thankfully, Alex, my mentor from MPC is the most amazing person ever. I met up with him every 2 weeks to get feedback bout my animations. Guess it helped that I stayed 5 minutes away from his office. I also met my course tutor Steve almost every Tuesday as I knew he was always free that day. The thing about animation for me is the more you work on a shot, the more the mistakes and flaws get hidden. So I’m very fortunate to have these 2 people constantly giving feedback.

To wrap this self assessment up, I feel that I have done my best. Obviously there are things that I can improve upon the next time around because I’ve learnt so much during this project. But I really feel I’ve pushed myself in all areas including research and creativity for Reloop; more so than anything I’ve done before.


Reloop teaser trailer 1 + wallpapers

Full size wallpaper link & Reloop 2 mako


Wallpaper Reloop 3 makoReloop
Short Animated Film . Summer 2013 . CSM Kings Cross
Directed and produced by Wai Kin LAM
Original Score – Audun VASSDAL
Starring – James McANESPY & Wai Kin LAM
Sound Design – Peter McKERROW & Wai Kin LAM
Screenplay – Wai Kin LAM & Bobby AUTHOR
Animation, Modelling, Rigging, Texturing, Lighting, Compositing – Wai Kin LAM
Production Contributors – Tanvir SIDDIQUIL, Petar CALE, Russell LIU
Special Thanks – Alex HISLOP, Steve ROBERTS

Music in Teaser – Moonrise by Purple Planet


So its finally finished. Just waiting on the composer to finish up the music; then I’ll do some sound editing. Guess its time to do some other animation for my showreel.