Clouds concept and colour test + new promotional poster

Not too difficult to have a realistic cloud movement with After Effects. This was done roughly in Photoshop with just 5 layers(1 for sky, 4 for the clouds). I’d imagined this scene in my head looking a bit more realistic, but after painting the clouds I quite like the rough feel of it. Also, not much time left; I don’t think I’m expected to create super realistic clouds anyway.

Same cloud background just to test the ‘feel’ of it.


Lastly, a promotional image. Since I was testing the rendering times for high-res frames, might as well save it and make some promotional images. I think we are suppose to do it anyway, so might as well get it out of the way. Not like there’s much to do when maya is rendering.

I guess another reason I’m posting these images here ( aside from not wanting to get a C again for not blogging) is to show that this would be how the animation would look like if the PCs in CSM weren’t almost literally thrash. I’ve stated in one of the previous posts that I was quite ambitious in attempting to add as many quality visual effects and lighting. I really believe that I have met those targets in many ways, BUT the total render time is about 150 hours! Maybe more considering there will always be technical errors. There is no access to better machines in our university that can render all our frames.

Another alternative is Rebusfarm¬†¬†which renders frames for me. But it would cost me about 150 pounds so that would be my last resort… actually my last resort is shitty renders.

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