LTM project – Pitch part 1

In short, we’re suppose to pitch an idea based on LTM posters of our choice. The tutors, LTM guests and students will then pick the favourite 8 to complete the project.

So I’ve chosen these 2 posters by Alan Rogers. The only thing I’ve decided before looking at the posters was that it was going to be full 3D. I think I could learn more about Maya before working on my final project.

I initially came up with a superhero story where the character from the left poster is the hero. I named him ‘Captain Underground’. He will go around the tube station saving people from getting robbed, punishing people for throwing rubbish on the floor, etc. However, 2 of my coursemates were pitching a similar idea. So I decided to think of another story. Also, I felt like I should risk doing a more unconventional genre.

I chose to do a horror story. I was playing ‘Slender’, a Unity engine ftp game awhile ago. So i decided the take inspiration from it.