Explosions VFX + stuff and thaaangs

Reloop poster 1

Always hated the previous title ‘ Cruel Loop’, but I haven’t had time to think of something else. So I wanted to change it to loop, but it sounded too similar to the popular film Looper, and it sounded like lube. So oh well added a re and tadaa its reloop. I had other names in my mind but I wanted to keep the oo so I could make an infinite sign. Above is the thing I enjoy doing most when I’m bored (and also on Sundays since uni is closed, laptop can’t handle the big files), a poster.



s3R explosion_0092 s3R meethenrik_0170Have a few scenes with explosions. I had this really cool idea of using particles and fluids to create a slow motion explosion for the shots above. BUT due to time constraints I had to scrap the idea. So I decided to do a zoomed out shot of the building where you can see the explosion lighting through the windows. I already did a very similar shot in my previous film, so I’m disappointed that I resorted to this again this time around. Oh well, nevertheless I had fun with the anamorphic lens flares.