Reloop teaser trailer 1 + wallpapers

Full size wallpaper linkĀ & Reloop 2 mako


Wallpaper Reloop 3 makoReloop
Short Animated Film . Summer 2013 . CSM Kings Cross
Directed and produced by Wai Kin LAM
Original Score – Audun VASSDAL
Starring – James McANESPY & Wai Kin LAM
Sound Design – Peter McKERROW & Wai Kin LAM
Screenplay – Wai Kin LAM & Bobby AUTHOR
Animation, Modelling, Rigging, Texturing, Lighting, Compositing – Wai Kin LAM
Production Contributors – Tanvir SIDDIQUIL, Petar CALE, Russell LIU
Special Thanks – Alex HISLOP, Steve ROBERTS

Music in Teaser – Moonrise by Purple Planet


So its finally finished. Just waiting on the composer to finish up the music; then I’ll do some sound editing. Guess its time to do some other animation for my showreel.

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