New set of screenshots with sunset lighting

Added a sunset light. Haven’t decided whether I should add an orange feel to the final product since it might ruin the dark tone I’m trying to create. But it does give a clearer look at the Caliban’s expression. And I do like the idea of a sunset mirroring Caliban’s hopeless fight.

All the following screenshots were rendered with Maya Software settings under ‘Preview Quality’. Which really means it looks quite rough around most of the edges; and the reflections don’t look so good. I did this just to have a look at the shadows that were generated and adjusted the angle of the lights in order to bring out Caliban’s emotions even more.

Had to make sure the sunset didn’t reach the screens so they can maintain that blue glowing effect.

Background clouds and sky will be added in After Effects as I don’t see the point of increasing render time with particle clouds. Also, I’ve watched tons of tutorials on youtube regarding clouds, smoke and dust; it just seems that after effects can produce better quality clouds in a shorter time unless I really dig into maya’s full potential (which is impossible, there’s only so much you can learn on youtube).

This was one of the key scenes where the sunset light gives meaning to the shadows generated. When he looks up and hammer you could see the clear sad expression on his face.

Another reason to keep the sunset lights. It helps Prospero to stand out from the metal textures in the background. I adjusted the angle of the lights so that it reflects much much more on the characters rather than the metallic environment. Oh and can anyone spot some Tempest easter eggs?

Love this shot. Really brings out the anger in his eyes with the sunlight. Didn’t look angry enough previously.

Does look a lil weird with the white background now. Can’t wait to finish off my animation then render then the background effects in after effects.