New website


I tend to leave weekends for job applications. Since its nearing the final project deadline, this weekend will be the last of it for now. Was kind of bored and didn’t feel like doing my final film; so I went and purchase a domain and web hosting service since had some promotion (bout 40 quid for 2 years).

Some of the job application forms I filled up had a box for a website. I always cringed when I had to put my blog link on it since it doesn’t look professional at all. So I’m glad I have a website to show prospective employers now.

To be honest, the demo reel is the most important, there’s no way a nice website alone will get you a job. But hey I was bored, had fun making animated GIFs anyway.

Animation + Generalist Showreel


Stupid vimeo allows only 1 HD video per week. Oh well looks like I’ll have to send youtube links for a few applications. It wouldn’t be a problem if I only had 1 vid, but I had a generalist reel as well. I also combined them since some applications only allows one demo reel.
(edit 03/april – uploaded on vimeo, at last)

Here’s a list of things to fix after I’m done with my final film –


  • 0.02 – leg movements need to be toned down. elbow arcs need to be smoother.
  • 0.20 – body less exaggerated
  • 0.24 – faster roll
  • 0.27 – fix human feet heel peel. slower elephant
  • 0.32 – slower camera movement


  • 0.55 – more objects in house. render photon rays through window.
  • 1.12 – fix ceiling blink
  • 1.20 – improve textures. improve camera movement
  • 1.35 – not sure if I should have put that in
  • 1.42 – better camera movement
  • 1.48 – more objects. better sky colour balance.