Generalist showreel – draft 3

still got some stuff that i need to put in. and i feel like the character modelling part is horrible, need to change that.

edit – been criticized on forums that the green screen is distracting; which i agree. I don’t know why i put that in; probably in the spur of the moment i thought the gimmick is kinda “cool”. will remove them for the final reel.

have also been told the modelling shots are not up to par. maybe its because i playblasted those parts. will render them or skip that transition altogether.

edit – uploaded draft number 4


Sad zombie animation

Very simple lip synch practice. Key poses with a little bit of tweaking with the graph editor. Still need to improve some of the lips timings.



Earlier version with reference

Walk cycle practice, key poses

Walk cycle practice with reference video of Ioli. Key poses only; haven’t touched the graph editor enough yet. Does look weird without any in betweens; but a good start I guess.

Tried a different technique for this one. Usually I key pose every limb on a certain frame. This time I did  the legs, arms and spine separately; which gave a follow through effect.

On a sidenote, balancing animation for the final film (fun, but won’t get me a job) and for the showreel (sorta boring, but neccessary) is kinda tough.