Animation + Generalist Showreel


Stupid vimeo allows only 1 HD video per week. Oh well looks like I’ll have to send youtube links for a few applications. It wouldn’t be a problem if I only had 1 vid, but I had a generalist reel as well. I also combined them since some applications only allows one demo reel.
(edit 03/april – uploaded on vimeo, at last)

Here’s a list of things to fix after I’m done with my final film –


  • 0.02 – leg movements need to be toned down. elbow arcs need to be smoother.
  • 0.20 – body less exaggerated
  • 0.24 – faster roll
  • 0.27 – fix human feet heel peel. slower elephant
  • 0.32 – slower camera movement


  • 0.55 – more objects in house. render photon rays through window.
  • 1.12 – fix ceiling blink
  • 1.20 – improve textures. improve camera movement
  • 1.35 – not sure if I should have put that in
  • 1.42 – better camera movement
  • 1.48 – more objects. better sky colour balance.

Generalist showreel – draft 3

still got some stuff that i need to put in. and i feel like the character modelling part is horrible, need to change that.

edit – been criticized on forums that the green screen is distracting; which i agree. I don’t know why i put that in; probably in the spur of the moment i thought the gimmick is kinda “cool”. will remove them for the final reel.

have also been told the modelling shots are not up to par. maybe its because i playblasted those parts. will render them or skip that transition altogether.

edit – uploaded draft number 4